X-Plane 11 airports

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OMDB |Dubai International

$ 24.95 

Any presentation for Dubai would be useless.

Fly to one of the most iconic, busy and stunning airports in the world today.

This is your next destination.


LGSK |Skiathos Island

$ 17.95 

Are you a fan of challenging airports? Say no more!

Welcome to Skiathos Island, the Greek St. Maarten.

Its vicinity to the beach and the sloped runway make Skiathos one of the most iconic airports in the world.

It's time to test your skills!

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LIPH |Treviso A. Canova

$ 22.95 

Referred to as the secondary Hub for Venice, Treviso St. Angelo "A. Canova" is one of the most famous airport in northern Italy for the volume of low-costs flights.

Pilots, it's time to catch up the schedule!


LIPX |Verona Villafranca

$ 19.95 

This is Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet.


LIPZ |Venice Marco Polo

$ 15.95 

Have you ever been to Venice, Italy? It's time for you to enjoy the most famous lagoon in the world!

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LIKO |FlyOzzano Airfield


Defined as "the most beautiful airfield in Italy", FlyOzzano is an airfied located 12 kilometres east from Bologna.


VHHH |Hong Kong Intl.

Under evaluation

We are still evaluating the idea of creating Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok scenery. If you are interested in this project, please let us know via email.