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LGSK |Skiathos Island Airport

Skiathos Island Airport ( IATA: JSI, ICAO: LGSK) is the most iconic airport in Greece. It's 1628 meters-long runway is just 40 meters away from Paraliakos road and the airport is also know as the "Greek St. Maarten". The sloped runway and NDB/visual approaches only, make this airport unique. Pilots need specific training to land here.

A custom hand-painted photoreal, with a resolution up to 5cm/px is what make this airport one of the most detailed in X-Plane. Custom animated vehicles and HDR night lighting give an extra tocuh of realism, as well as custom 3D vegetation and 3D characters.

This package includes the new apron and the real parking scheme, as well as a custom hand-made ground mesh.



$ 17.95


  • Highly detailed rendition of Skiathos Island Airport.

  • Entire island covered with custom hand-placed high-res photoreal.

  • Custom 5cm/pixel airport ground textures

  • UHD (up to 4K resolution) textures.

  • Custom ground details and taxi aids, including hand-placed 3D grass.

  • Custom animated airport vehicles, roads and maritime traffic

  • Custom HDR night lightning and textures.

  • Custom high-res ground mesh.

  • 3D custom characters all around the apron and spotting points.

  • Fully compatible with World Traffic 3 and default AI traffic.

  • Heavily optimized for best performaces.



Technical data

Compatible with X-Plane 11.30+.

Download Size: 1.7 GB. Disk space required: 4.2 GB.

Compatible with MAC and Windows.

Entirely designed and produced by Aviotek Simulation Software.

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