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This is Aviotek Software

Aviotek Simulation Software is a 3D software company based in Venice, Italy.

Founded in 2015 by the current CEO, Vittorio Greco, Aviotek soon became one of the leaders in sceneries production for X-Plane flight simulator. Vittorio's ambition was to take the users’ experience to the next level, introducing a series of details and features unique in their kind.

The intense study process made before starting every project is our battle horse. Aviotek Software focuses on fundamental details such as ground traffic routes and taxiway signs, very highly detailed airport buildings and all the environment around it, giving some extra touches of realism by implementing animated features like vehicles, 3D characters, jetways and dynamic lighting, as well as the latest PBR technology.


The company evolved through the years, adopting a unique and standardised workflow between developers, using an internal assets library, constantly kept up-to-date.

Being Vittorio an ATPL student, every scenery is crafted with the pilot’s point of view in mind, so we know exactly what are the fundamental features a scenery needs.

Aviotek Software for the Community

Vittorio Greco, with a group of other X-Plane add-on developers, gives, day after day, a precious contribute to the X-Plane Developers community providing training material, informations and advices. In 2018 he was invited at Cosford Flight Sim Expo and held a seminary about his development activity and contribution to the X-Plane community.

We are always listening to the community feedback, as it helps us to improve our activity and do our job even better.

Our partners

During the years Aviotek Software partnered with some leaders companies such us ORBX, where we offered our skills and knowledge to help them converting their sceneries for Laminar Research’s platform.

We strongly believe that the teamwork is essential for a successful product, and for this reason we are always open to new collaborations and partnerships.

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