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3D Programmer application

Your Mission

Under the responsibility of the Project Manager, within a team of other 3D General Artists and 3D Programmers, you will have the following tasks:

  • Create custom plugins or dataref to be implemented in our sceneries using Python, Lua or other compatible languages.

  • Implement these plugins into our custom sceneries and aircrafts.

Your Profile

We strongly belive in teamwork and for this reasons some skills are required to work even better together:

  • Ability to work in team.

  • You have excellent interpersonal team.

  • You are good at being flexible with your schedule.

  • You have a strict working method and ability to follow and respect deadlines.

  • You are fluent in English (Italian knowledge not required but would be a plus).

  • You have basic knowledge of computer graphic tools (like Blender3D, 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Substance etc.).

  • You master Python and/or Lua langauges.

  • Basic knowledge of X-Plane plugin system would be a plus.

  • Knowledge of airport environment would be a plus.

Your Application

Do you think to be the right person for this job? Please send us your CV and a cover letter (or link to your ArtStation portfolio, web page or blog) at We hope to see you soon!

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